Video: Across The Sky — Utah Desert
By SunCity Paradise | Published on December 15, 2015
Video: Across The Sky — Utah Desert

Vacationing in the searing heat of the Utah Desert may not seem like an appealing vacation destination, but the scenery’s truly spectacular and refreshingly unique natural beauty captivates adventure travelers by the droves. The region has vastly different features around every corner, with chiseled rock sculptures jetting up into the sky and deep canyons descend into the crust. While the landscape itself is breathtaking, Théo Sanson set off to highlight the destinations beauty in an unimaginable and insane way, walking nearly 500 meters on a slackline hung from The Rectory to Castleton Tower in Castle Valley, Utah. While there are are a handful of daredevils who want to view a destination like this, this video beautifully highlights the deserts appeal to the average traveler in heart-pumping style.

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Filmed and Edited by Tim Kemple, Renan Ozturk and Anson Fogel // Camp4 Collective

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By: SunCity Paradise | Published on December 15, 2015

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