Video: How to Travel to the Philippines
By SunCity Paradise | Published on March 23, 2016
Video: How to Travel to the Philippines

Southeast Asia as a whole is synonymous with exotic vacationing for American travelers. The area of the world is diverse culturally, possesses vastly differentiating cuisines and the topography of the land is seemingly of a dream. One of the many highlights of this region is the Philippines, known for its rich biodiversity. The beaches, mountains, rainforests, islands and diving spots attract travelers in search of serenity and adventure, leaving all with an option that fits their enjoyment goals. Recapping his time in the country, Christian gives a wonderful first-person tour of his seven months he spent there, after selling all his belongings to fund the trip.

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For more on Christian’s Travels check out his YouTube.

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By: SunCity Paradise | Published on March 23, 2016

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