100 Travel Profiles — (41-60)
By SunCity Paradise | Published on May 11, 2016
100 Travel Profiles — (41-60)

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41. Travel Profile: Jimmie Rivera of the UFC

Travel Profile: Jimmie "El Terror" Rivera of the UFC

Jimmie Rivera, a UFC bantamweight-division fighter, out of Ramsey, New Jersey, currently holds a 17-1 professional record. His latest bout was a 1:35 …


42. Travel Profile: Goody Grace

Travel Profile: Goody Grace

Singer-songwriter Goody Grace started playing music when he was four years old, in a small town on the suburbs of Winnipeg. Grace is known for …


43. Travel Profile: Kate Strand of The Vitals

Travel Profile: Kate Strand of The Vitals

Founded out of Los Angeles by Kate Strand (vocals, guitar), Henrik Linde (guitar) and Dylan Howard (drums), The Vitals possess a dreamy, post-punk rock …


44. Travel Profile: Brian Evans

Travel Profile: Brian Evans

Brian Evans is a multi-talented performer, most notably known for his big-band, crooner singing, as well as his time acting on Full House. Evans is …


45. Travel Profile: Erica Ash

Travel Profile: Erica Ash

Erica Ash is a multi-talented singer, model, comedian, actor and dancer best known for her time on MadTV and on the Broadway stage in Lion King. She …


46. Travel Profile: Bill Kwan

Travel Profile: Bill Kwan

A jazz musician based out of San Francisco, Bill Kwan is an avid traveler that targets new destinations he’s never been to. Kwan’s “Poison & Wine” …


47. Travel Profile: DJ Xenia Ghali

Travel Profile: DJ Xenia Ghali

A world-renowned songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, DJ Xenia Ghali ties her Greek heritage into her music and exotic appearance. Ghali’s …


48. Travel Profile: Mike Protich of Red Sun Rising

Travel Profile: Mike Protich of Red Sun Rising

A surging rock band formed in 2007, Red Sun Rising is comprised of Mike Protich (Vocals, Guitar), Ryan Williams (Guitar), Tyler Valendza (Guitar), Ricky …


49. Travel Profile: BoyMeetsWorld

Travel Profile: BoyMeetsWorld

Formed in the Summer of 2012, BoyMeetsWorld is a pop-punk rock band out of Cincinnati, Ohio that quickly won the tri-state Battle of the Bands.


50. Travel Profile: Wild Style

Travel Profile: Wild Style

Wild Style, recently formed by Frankie Catalano and Sonja Edel, is a fresh, new-age duo putting a twist on nineties Freestyle music dubbing it “NuStyle”.


51. Travel Profile: Kevin Besignano of True Rivals

Travel Profile: Kevin Besignano of True Rivals

A punk rock band out of Los Angeles, True Rivals is comprised of Kevin Besignano, Derik Envy, Trevor Jackson and Nate Walker. The band’s burning love …


52. Travel Profile: Northernmost

Travel Profile: Northernmost

Formed from the ashes of several Rhode Island and Massachusetts bands, Northernmost is five-person rock band who released their debut, self-titled album …


53. Travel Profile: Ben Lovett

Travel Profile: Ben Lovett

An American composer, producer and songwriter, Ben Lovett has traveled the world through his music. Possessing a love of film, Lovett displays his …


54. Travel Profile: Jake Smith — The White Buffalo

Travel Profile: Jake Smith — The White Buffalo

Known by his monicker The White Buffalo, Jake Smith is an american singer/songwriter who was born in Oregon and raised in Los Angeles. Debuting …


55. Travel Profile: Chad Nicefield of Wilson

Travel Profile: Chad Nicefield of Wilson

Based out of Detroit, Michigan, Wilson is a five-piece rock band comprised of Chad Nicefield, Jason Spencer, Kyle Landry, Matt Puhy and James Lascu.


56. Travel Profile: Soren Bryce

Travel Profile: Soren Bryce

Singer/songwriter Soren Bryce is a sizzling musician from northern Texas, who’s currently based out of Los Angeles. With her fire for creating music …


57. Travel Profile: Alex G

Travel Profile: Alex G

A singer/songwriter from Colorado, Alex G began her blossoming career within her own home posting videos on Youtube. Now, after four years of constant …


58. Travel Profile: Austin Plaine

Travel Profile: Austin Plaine

A singer/songwriter out of Minnesota, Austin Plaine has developed a deep lyrical love, drawing inspiration from the likes of Bob Dylan, Bright Eyes and …


59. Travel Profile: Vince Penick of Valise

Travel Profile: Vince Penick of Valise

A four-piece indie rock band out of Dallas, Texas, Valise is comprised of Vince Penick, Jared Travis, Casey Newton and Ricky Johnson. Following up their …


60. Travel Profile: Luna Blaise

Travel Profile: Luna Blaise

An American actress, Luna Blaise is an up-and-coming talent currently starring in ABC’s “Fresh Off the Boat” series. In addition to her time on TV, …


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