A Honeymoon at St. George’s Club, Bermuda
By Tyler Blackman | Published on May 20, 2015
A Honeymoon at St. George’s Club, Bermuda

July marks Mr. and Mrs. Blackman’s one-year wedding anniversary, where they reminisced over one of their most memorable travel experiences — a Bermuda trip highlighted by their proposal. The couple stayed at St. George’s Club in St. George, Bermuda. With a beautiful view of the crystal blue ocean and golden sand, the couple was in for the time of their life. As soon as they entered the resort the friendly and vivacious staff greeted them. All questions, comments and concerns were answered with a helpful and polite response. As soon as the couple checked in the staff took their bags and met them in their villa.

They instantly felt at home when they checked into their villa. “When we walked in, there was a full kitchen, full bathroom, a small living room, and a decently sized bedroom with a queen sized bed. We also had a veranda which had a beautiful view of some of the island and the beach, the sun even rose on our side which was breathtaking.” Once they were settled in, they began to venture out to see what else the resort has to offer. This included everything from bistros and bar, terrace café, poolside dinning and scooter rentals to name a few.

A Honeymoon at St. George's Club, Bermuda

Unlike other resorts, St. George’s Club encourages their guest to leave the resort and experience the native feel of Bermuda. A five-to-ten minute walk down one of the resorts paths leads directly to the town of St. George in Northern Bermuda. “The locals were so friendly, everyone; even the kids were so polite and mannerly. Everyone greeted you with a hello, good morning/afternoon. You could smell the exotic fruits as we walked passed small grocery marts and local stands. If you got tired of the food on the resort for some reason, there are numerous restaurants in walking distance. Overall it was an amazing and unforgettable experience.”

From the helpful service and beautiful views, to the exotic foods, restaurants and the extracurricular activities, St. Georges Club is a wonderful experience for all. The family-friendly environment gives everyone something to do. Whether with a family or just a couple of friends escaping on vacation, everyone can enjoy themselves.

The Blackman’s truly loved their stay and can’t wait to go back this summer. Anyone looking for a beautiful escape and will be left with unforgettable memories when staying at St. Georges Club, Bermuda. The island’s laid-back vibe, paired with the friendly locals and gorgeous resorts make it a sure-fire hit. The pink-sand beaches can’t be forgotten either!

A Honeymoon at St. George's Club, Bermuda

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Tyler Blackman

By: Tyler Blackman | Published on May 20, 2015

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