Five Curaçao Vacation Locations
By Dong Seong Lyu | Published on June 19, 2017
Five Curaçao Vacation Locations

The Dutch Caribbean island, Curaçao, located near South America, is known to many islanders. Containing 35 beaches, 55-different cultures and the single concept of beauteous European architecture, Curaçao is the explorer’s getaway. As bittersweet as the liqueur that is named after the island, Curaçao is well-liked by anyone who goes there. Located on the edges of the Hurricane Belt, the country has been rewarded with several accolades and mentions for any and all who seek a well-deserved vacation. Anything and everything is housed in Curaçao, whether it is hiking, diving, or just going to a casino for the nightlife, you can expect to have a great time.

1. Otrobanda
One of the greatest things that you’ll notice about the district of Otrobanda is the architecture. Influenced by the Dutch, the buildings are quite similar to that of the buildings in the Netherlands. The key difference between the two countries, is the pastel colors that the Curaçao style is known for. With a mixture of Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch, the island’s main language is Papiamentu. The vacation location for shopping, Otrobanda has become the most renovated district in Curaçao. However, you’d better shop quickly. The shops in the district open from eight in the morning til the afternoon and open up again around two in the afternoon, closing around six in the evening.

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2. Playa Lagun
Lagun is the part of the island that attracts the people who enjoy outdoors activities. With the plentiful company of reef fish, Playa Lagun creates an atmosphere that draws in tourists of all ages. Accessible and easy to find, the main focus to Playa Lagun is the Shete Boka National Park. Adjacent to Christofflepark, the Shete Boka Park offers you the chance to see 3 different species of turtles laying eggs. With 10 pocket beaches around you, you wouldn’t want to miss your opportunity to see the cutest baby turtles.

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3. Sint Michiel
Locally known as “Boca Sami”, Sint Michiel is for the vacationer who likes to relax. This is the place to forget about all the overtime you worked, all the screams your children made and all the repetitive sights you have seen. Housing the Blue Bay Village, Sint Michiel is well-known for sun-soaked snorkeling, with the experience of swimming with exotic marine life. However, if you don’t want to partake in underwater activities, there is another sport you may be interested in. Sint Michiel also includes golf. The Blue Bay Golf and Beach Resort has a nice view of the golf course and the beach.

4. Jan Thiel
Want diverse styles of culinary arts? Go to Jan Thiel and taste the foodies’ paradise of Curaçao. With a variety to choose from, visitors can choose to taste Mediterranean cuisine, Argentinian cuisine, or International cuisine. The kicker of Jan Thiel is the entertainment aspect. Complimenting the meal that you’re eating, the music that blends together with your food by local artists and bands, will definitely make you stand up and join the dancing. While you’re grabbing that bite to eat or ordering that drink you’ve been craving, lay back in the sand and let the music swift you away from reality.

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5. Sint Joris Baai
Other than skydiving out of a plane, or parasailing off of a boat, there is one thing that I would want to check off from my bucket list. Sint Joris Baai, which is well-known for kitesurfing, welcomes people to try the activity out. Besides having little to no one around, Sint Joris Baai is a great beginner’s spot. Offering lessons, Sint Joris Baai is a place you should not wait to plan. A very remote location, tourists are warned not to go alone and are advised to bring a car with them.

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By: Dong Seong Lyu | Published on June 19, 2017

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