Five Largest Waterfalls in the World
By Eric Kraljic | Published on June 30, 2016
Five Largest Waterfalls in the World

What makes Earth such a unique planet is the natural beauty it possesses. Waterfalls are one of the many beautiful aspects of this planet that simply make it one of a kind. Watching waterfalls and their majestic way in which they function is one of the truly most fascinating events to witness. The bigger the waterfall, the more amazing the sight of the magnificent flow of water. Below are the top five biggest waterfalls in the entire world.

5. Yumbilla Falls, Peru
As part of the Amazonas Region of Peru, Yumbilla Falls is located in the district of Cuispes. A tiered type of waterfall, in which it is comprised of five different sections, the top of the fall is 2,940 feet high. Due to its location in the Amazonas, the waterfall is difficult to access in the dense rain forest, but is recommend that visitors hire a tour guide to reach the falls.

4. Olu’upena Falls, Hawaii
The only American waterfall to make the list, Olu’upena Falls is located in a remote section of Hawaii. On the cliffs of Moloka’l Island, the falls reach 2,953 feet which come crashing down into the sea. As the falls are surrounded by mountains, the view of these falls are sometimes limited during the year. To ensure the best viewing, visit the falls during the rain seasons between November and March.

3. Tres Hermanas Falls, Peru
Also referred to as Three Sisters Falls, this waterfall is named for the three tiers in which it is comprised of. Standing at 3,000 feet, the falls are located in the Ayacucho region of Peru, which is an extremely thick rain forest. Due to its location within the rain forest, it is almost impossible to reach on the ground, but is able to be viewed via plane or helicopter.

2. Tugela Falls, South Africa
One of the most popular tourist attractions in all of the world, Tugela Falls is a spectacular area in the Royal Natal National Park area of South Africa. Made up of five tiers and reaching a height of 3,110 feet, Tugela Falls are not only a great sight for visitors, but also a great attraction for hikers. Visitors are able to access Tugela Falls via numerous hiking routes which offer people the ultimate view atop the falls.

1. Angel Falls, Venezuela
The biggest waterfall on the planet, Angel Falls in Venezuela stretches an impressive 3,212 feet into the sky. Within the isolated jungles of Gran Sabana, Angel Falls are not easily accessible, but is undoubtedly worth the trip if you decide to venture to the falls. Normally, the falls are only accessible from June to December as the rivers used to access the falls need to be a certain height in order to travel.

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By: Eric Kraljic | Published on June 30, 2016

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