Five Underrated Beaches
By Jon Goldfarb | Published on February 26, 2016
Five Underrated Beaches

Beaches are the ultimate vacation destination. They’re locations that embody the real reason for vacation anyway: relaxation. With the sheer amount of famed beaches across the planet, there are those that fly under the radar.  The following are five underrated beaches, that possess just as much pleasure as the others, while most likely providing travelers with an elevated sense of serenity.

1. Vieques
Just off the coast of Puerto Rico, Vieques’ beaches are extremely rural, mostly untouched from commercial development. Relaxing on these beaches are as if you traveled back to simpler times. The great foliage the line the beach encapsulates the beaches, completing the destinations beauty. Travelers looking for a rare experience will be enthralled by the Magical Bioluminescent Bay lighting up the shores at night. One downside to this location, is there is no direct access to the airport, forcing visitors to fly into PR and transferring over by boat. But, maybe this adds to the allure?

Five Underrated BeachesPhoto courtesy | Karl Norling

2. Cannon Beach, Oregon
Ever wanted to see the beauty of the Pacific Ocean minus the tourist hassle found in California? Then look no further than visiting the beach town of Cannon Beach, OR. Here you’ll find vacation rentals perfect for a weekend with friends and family, or even luxury hotels like the Hallmark Resort and Spa. With a list of experiences to uncover, visitors can explore the tide pool marine life during low tide at the Hug Point Recreation Site, as well as shop and eat in downtown Cannon Beach. Accessible through US Route 101 this destination is a great way to cap off a road trip.

Five Underrated BeachesPhoto courtesy | Diana Robinson

3. La Paloma Beach, Saint Jean Cap-Ferrat
The United States isn’t the only country that has its share of underrated beaches, France has a couple scattered around that are ripe for a memorable visit as well. One of which, La Paloma Beach, located in southeast France, is a small beach named for painter Paloma Picasso who visited frequently. Accenting the coastal views and mountainous backdrop is a line of seafood restaurants ideal for a dinner to cap off the day.

4. Rialto Beach
Another beach in the Pacific that doesn’t have its fair share of attention is the Rialto Beach in Forks, WA. Geared more for hikers and beach-goers searching for some wilderness, the surrounding coastal forests screen adventure. During your walks along the beach you’re sure to spot wildlife like whales, otters and sea lions off the shore as well.

Five Underrated BeachesPhoto courtesy | Pfly

5. Cumberland Island, Georgia
One last underrated beach that isn’t really talked about is Cumberland Island in Georgia. The forests that run along the beach and throughout the island have never been touched by man, a truly awe-filled, hidden-gem location. If you wish to explore the island, the only way to get to Cumberland Island. As with any beach, be prepared to bring sunscreen to battle the scorching Georgian sun, but also keep in mind bug repellent, especially at night.

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By: Jon Goldfarb | Published on February 26, 2016

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