Ibiza Profile: Lovely Laura & Ben Santiago
By SunCity Paradise | Published on April 12, 2018
Ibiza Profile: Lovely Laura & Ben Santiago

Two of Ibiza’s hottest DJ’s, Lovely Laura & Ben Santiago also call the island home. Their careers have taken them to the decks around the world, but to them the “White Isle” is like no place else. Currently in the midst of a run of shows mostly through Europe, the duo is set to headline Ibiza Rocks this summer.

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SunCity Paradise: Kicking it off with Ibiza, what really stands out and makes it special to you? Where would you send a first-time visitor to get a real sense of the island?

Lovely Laura: I would absolutely recommend anyone to hire a car and explore! One place I would definitely go is to the top of Sa Talaia (the highest point on the island). Here you have the most incredible views of Ibiza and the sunsets are magical from up there.

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Ben Santiago: I love the nature of the island which is absolutely stunning no matter where you go, so I would just tell a first-time visitor to hire a car and get out and about on the island as much as possible.

SCP: What was your first real exposure to music? How did you get inspired to create your own and eventually pursue it as a career?

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LL: I was born into a musical family so I guess there was no escaping! I always loved music, but it was only after I started a fashion degree that I realized I’d made a mistake and quickly dropped out of the course to take up music more seriously. I took up the saxophone and never looked back. I realized immediately I was on the right path.

BS: Music has always been a special part of my life. Since I can remember I was being moved by music, and I was a bedroom DJ from the age of 12. Fast forward to adulthood and my brother won a holiday to Ibiza and invited me to join him. When I came here, I fell in love with the island and made the decision to move here with the aim of turning my passion into my profession.

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SCP: Your residency at Café Mambo has lead into your headlining residency at Ibiza Rocks this summer. Describe your excitement for the pool-party events. How is the preparation for a pool party different than for other venues?

BS: I really cannot wait. Ibiza Rocks is the home of live music in Ibiza, and with the live element being such a huge part of what we do, it feels totally right us being there. We are spending a lot of time preparing as Ibiza Rocks is new territory for us, so we want to ensure the shows are nothing short of incredible.

LL: As Ben said, we are really excited to be playing there. Ibiza Rocks has always been an incredible home for live music so to be headlining there is a dream come true!

SCP: Listening to music is essential when traveling, what radio station would you suggest people tune into when in Ibiza?

BS: I tend to listen to Ibiza Sonica most of the time as I love listening to people like Andy Wilson and Clara Da Costa on their regular shows.

LL: I’m one of those people who love silence in the car! It’s the one place I do most of my thinking — unless of course Ben is in the car, then music is blaring loud!

SCP: When you really want to get a minute to yourself, where do you head to on the island?

LL: Our roof terrace for a cuppa! I just gaze out to sea and I can lose myself completely, utter bliss.

BS: I’ll let you know as soon as I finally get a minute to myself!

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SCP: How about the food in Ibiza? What are some of the best eateries you would suggest visitors to hit while there?

BS: Can Domingo for me is a great Italian in stunning settings for when you really want to treat yourself. Also, Bambuddha is always a great option.

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LL: I love the Fish Shack in Talamanca. Sitting on the rocks eating fresh fish, overlooking Ibiza town — what more could you ask for?!

SCP: When you’re relaxing on a beach, or just having some downtime, are you listening to music? Or, do you like to switch up the tunes?

LL: Downtime? Relaxing on a beach? What’s that?!

Travel Profile: Lovely Laura & Ben Santiago

SCP: Lastly, is there anything coming up in the next couple months that we didn’t touch on that you want to highlight?

BS: Yes, we have some releases coming out that we have been playing in our sets and have been getting some huge reactions. A lot of people have been asking about the tracks and they are due to start being released soon. Watch this space.

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Travel Profile: Lovely Laura & Ben Santiago

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