Longest Road Trips to Take
By Amanda Stutz | Published on January 17, 2018
Longest Road Trips to Take

How many have ever told their friends that they need to go on a road trip together? Many probably have. However, most have not gone through with this idea. A road trip is the perfect opportunity to become closer to friends and family. It’s a time to pack up and experience the great, unknown wonders of the world. The longest road trips that can be taken might be tiresome and pricey, but they will also be the most memorable. Here are a few of the longer ones to take.

1. Big Sur 
If in search of unforgettable views of the deep Pacific blue and seaside cliffs, a road trip to Big Sur in California is the way to go. Being located on California’s Central Coast near the Santa Lucia Mountains, it’s approximately 71-miles long and is part of State Route 1. Similar to Broadway in New York City, it is a must-see road to travel to when in America. Visitors often to travel to McWay Falls, a beautiful, must-see site located along California’s coastline. Whale-watching is also a unique activity that travelers of Big Sur participate in when stopping along the coastline.

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2. Cabot Trail
Located in Canada, the Cabot Trail is a 185 mile-long highway that has extraordinary views of the rugged coastline. It does not have a signed route destination, but rather road signs with mountain logos on them. It is a fabulous tourist spot; some even choose to ride their bicycles along the side of the road. If travelers plan on stopping along the road, there are several hiking trails and fishing spots that allows for a memorable experience. Cape Breton Highlands National Park, located along Cabot Trail, is a great spot for a picnic after a long day of driving.

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3. Highway 1 in Australia
To get an idea of what encompasses Australia, taking a road trip along Highway 1 is the best way to do so, as it circumnavigates Australia. Highway 1 in Australia is the longest national highway worldwide, being that it is 9,000-miles long. Therefore, this is one of the longest road trips that can be taken. Much of it is very desolate and desert-like, which gives it that cliché road trip vibe. Without stopping, this road trip would take approximately a month. However, if travelers wish to stop and visit Australia’s tourist sites, this road trip could take up anywhere from three months to one year.

longest road trips© Brian Yap

4. Route 66
As the infamous song says, “get your kicks on Route 66!” Route 66 is a cross-country road trip from Chicago to Los Angeles, ending at Santa Monica Pier. This over 2,000-mile road trip allows one to experience some of America’s most iconic sites, including the Grand Canyon. The “Mother Road,” as it was once called, allows for a nostalgic experience of America’s history, being that it was once the passageway to better jobs in the West following World War II. This is the perfect road trip for the summer with a group of old friends and some rocking tunes that want to experience a spontaneous adventure.

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5. Route 1 in Iceland
Iceland is well-known for being a country in which inhabitants are able to view the Northern Lights. Route 1 in Iceland is known as Iceland’s main ring road, as it is 828-miles long. This road trip could take up to two weeks, given that travelers make frequent stops along the way to absorb all of Iceland’s amazing tourist sites. Since road conditions can get snowy and dangerous, depending on the time of year, make sure to be driving a four-wheel-drive car. Envision a trip along this road with majestic colors in the sky with some close friends.

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By: Amanda Stutz | Published on January 17, 2018

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