Lookout Spots
By Tyler Blackman | Published on October 19, 2015
Lookout Spots

The world is a vast and beautiful place filled with unique scenery and history around every corner. While some landmarks are singularly culturally rich, others are accompanied by breathtaking views, adding to and increasing the grandeur. Travel, no matter the length, is about experiencing a place different from your home, breeding perspectives that will enhance your views at home. It’s always great to stop, take in and observe the natural beauty of the world around us. So here’s a short list of some enriching locations with spectacular accompanying views.

Best Lookout SpotsPhoto courtesy | Grand Canyon National Park

First up is Grandview Point in northern Arizona. This beautiful point over looks the southern rim of the Grand Canyon. Standing well over a mile high (7,400 ft.) it is considered one of the highest points on the southern rim with narrow trails leading up to the beautiful view. From this vantage point the views are simply unparalleled, leaving all travelers feeling as if they were just on top of the world.

Next, is the Statue of Liberty, which is really in New Jersey waters, but synonymous with New York City. This magnificent structure was a gift to the US from the French in 1886 in order to strengthen bonds between the two nations. Since then the Statue of Liberty has been seen as a monument of hope for many immigrants arriving safely to their new country. The 305 ft. structure overlooks the beautiful states of New York and New Jersey, while possessing wonderful views of the hudson river in between.

Best Lookout SpotsPhoto courtesy | Maëlick

Another great overlook point is the Seattle Space Needle. The 605ft iconic edifice stands in the city’s center, and is surprisingly home to only six floors, the top of which is being the observation deck. What makes this place unique is the restaurant at the top, where travelers can enjoy a meal unlike any other at SkyCity, with 360 degree rotating views accompanying every bite. The complete rotation takes exactly 47 minutes, so with some pre-dinner drinks guests will loop around twice. With the Olympic Mountains providing an illustrious backdrop, this is a surefire hit.

Last, but in no way least is the Four Corners Monument. Setting this lookout spot apart is not just its location on Native Navajo lands, but also its ability to place visitors in four states at once: Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado. The states’ symmetrical boarders converging in one, central location is a great place for family tours led by Navajo tour guides.

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Tyler Blackman

By: Tyler Blackman | Published on October 19, 2015

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