North Carolina Vacationing
By Joey Spinola | Published on May 6, 2014
North Carolina Vacationing
North Carolina Vacationing

North Carolina’s sights are a wonderful backdrop to any family vacation!

Miles of gorgeous coastline hug the east coast, with some of the best beaches found in North Carolina. The spectacular scenery, attractions and family-friendly environment make it a place that’s fun for everyone. The summer climate is ideal for beach-going, and the warm nights make sitting out under the stars picture-perfect.

Activities for kids are seemingly endless. The outer banks hosts an annual pirate festival where kids hunt for treasure, play pirate themed games and can go to Scallywag, a school that teaches the history of North Carolina pirates and their ways of life.

If you’re in search for water parks, the Great Wolf Lodge is the spot to hit. Kids will especially love the Mountain Edge Raceway ride there; they can race their friends and parents down the four-person slide. Big Foot Pass is another fun attraction, where you can attempt to hop across a lily-pad-covered pool without falling in.

Open Arts is a wonderful place for anyone looking to unwind with yoga. They’ll teach you proper breathing and poses all for a great price — $15.00 for two people. Another fun-filled option for adventure seekers is Outer Banks Kiting, offering kite-boarding lessons, private coaching and wake-boarding. Their sunset cruises are a great romantic option, perfect for a couples date.

North Carolina Vacationing

Kite-surfers are a staple of North Carolina beach-going!

Beach-goers in search for a relaxing family day should head over to Frisco beach. The pristine beach, and iconic dunes are highlighted by a wrecked pear jetting out of the water, adding character and history to the location. If there’s one downside, the waves can become a little rough in the late afternoon, but then again isn’t that the surfers dream? From surfing to building sand castles the activities are endless at Frisco Beach.

Anyone looking to interact with nature will love North Carolina’s wild life. One bird you’ll see plenty of is the cardinal, the state’s bird. There’s a lot to offer hunters as well. White-tailed deer, coyote’s, bobcats and black bears are only a few of the animals available. Fishing is another big activity too, with plenty of big bass and an assortment of other fish to catch.

An eatery every traveler should stop at is the Blue Moon Beach Grill. Their delicious selections include seafood, sandwiches and snacks, all at an affordable price. One thing’s for certain, North Carolina, specifically the Outer banks, offers everything any traveler could want in a summer vacation!

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By: Joey Spinola | Published on May 6, 2014

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