Three Airlines
By Tyler Blackman | Published on June 24, 2015
Three Airlines

Everyone undoubtably knows the most efficient way to travel is flying, something the majority of travelers require. Unless your trying to leisurely float around the Mediterranean from stop to stop, it’s just simply how it works. Everyone has their horror stories, and no matter the airline at some level it can’t ever be escaped. Yet, from their personalized service together with their price points and overall experience some rise above the rest. The following, in no particular order, are three airlines that stand out to us.

1) Air New Zealand
For the second year in a row, Air New Zealand has continued to uphold their service and standards in premium, economy seating. The space seating is soft and comfortable helping to create a relaxing and enjoyable environment. When you add in the delicious and unique food samplers prepared fresh by a chef and served by the attentive flight crew, it’s no wonder why Air New Zealand ranks high in passenger approval.

Three AirlinesPhoto courtesy | Phillip Capper

2) Cathay Pacific
Based out Hong Kong and flying internationally to, Thailand, Indonesia and across the United States, Cathay Pacific consistently provides top-of-the-line service. Most popular for their business class, Cathay Pacific awarded the “World’s Best Airline” for the fourth time in 2014 by Skytrax Awards. A wealth of travelers agree that their business class offers more room for a better relaxed travel. That relaxation, excellent food and even better service combine to produce Cathay Pacific’s recipe for a world-class airline. With prices for a round trip ticket between Asia and America ranging around $1000, travelers should get their money’s worth and a wise investment is flying Cathay Pacific.

Three AirlinesPhoto courtesy | Luke Lai

3) Etihad Airways
This popular Arab airline is known for many things, from sponsoring top Premier League team Manchester City, to being voted the best first class of 2015 according to With first class giving you the option to have your own mile high club room, travelers can upgrade to either a room or even an entire suite. The apartment comes full with a wide armchair, an ottoman that opens into an 81’ inch bed, a 24-inch flat screen and a bathroom complete with a shower — walking space too. Previous fliers agree that Etihad Airways’ apartment class is simply breathtaking and it’s no wonder they top the industry.

Three AirlinesPhoto courtesy | Aero Icarus

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Tyler Blackman

By: Tyler Blackman | Published on June 24, 2015

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