Three Las Vegas Casinos
By Kelsey Hildin | Published on August 20, 2015
Three Las Vegas Casinos

Packed with award-winning hotels, restaurants, shows, shopping malls and casinos, Las Vegas, Nevada is anything but boring. With such a high concentration of attractions on the Strip alone, it would be a real challenge to not be constantly entertained. With over 75 casinos, perhaps the most distinct attraction, Vegas at its heart is a gambling town. While most can be considered the “best” for different reasons, these three are sone of our Sin City favorites.

1. Bellagio
With one of the highest ratings in Las Vegas, the Casino at Bellagio boasts slots wealth of table games and sports betting. The casino’s high-limit Club Privé lounge offers an exquisite gaming atmosphere and exceptional drinks. Housing a spa and salon, a Cirque du Soleil show, nightclubs, restaurants and shopping, the Bellagio boasts impressive accommodations and attractions aside from its casino. Quality and quantity are the keywords used to sum up this five-star hotel and casino. It’s really possible to experience it all, and the Bellagio makes it happen in one place!

Three Las Vegas CasinosPhoto courtesy | Stuart Richards

2. Wynn Las Vegas Casino
Located on the Strip, directly across from the Fashion Show Mall, the Wynn Las Vegas Casino offers an atmosphere of high-class elegance and luxury. The casino conveniently combines its frequent player card with the hotel room key making it easier to relax and enjoy the property. On top of that, it was the first casino in Las Vegas to install tags inside game chips to better prevent counterfeiting. Together with its sister hotel, Encore, the resort provides ample opportunities for fun, including four nightclubs, multiple casino areas and more Forbes Travel Guide award-winning restaurants than any other resort in North America.

Three Las Vegas CasinosPhoto courtesy | Wolfgang Staudt

3. Aria Resort
The Casino at Aria Resort is home to some of the newest and most advanced slots, where the smallest or largest bets can be placed in a cool, modern, laid-back atmosphere. Excellent guest service, paired with updated amenities, including a ventilation system that filters out smoke, make this casino ideal for visitors looking to interact with the latest technologies. With an extensive list of experience awards under it’s belt, the resort is sure to please anyone who enjoys endless amenities and attractions.

Three Las Vegas CasinosPhoto courtesy | Jeff Turner

When visiting a city known for its nightlife and casinos, there are endless options to choose from. Don’t be afraid to indulge in the attractions that got Las Vegas the “Sin City” nickname. There are more than enough casinos to meet everyone’s tastes and preferences, so just remember to play responsibly!

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By: Kelsey Hildin | Published on August 20, 2015

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