Three United States Ski Destinations
By Devin Hartmann | Published on May 2, 2016
Three United States Ski Destinations

Similar to the never-to-early, top-25 rankings in sports, it’s time to look ahead to next winter to properly plan a ski or snowboarding getaway. While there are some glitzy spots to shred internationally, there are some really amazing slopes right here within the United States as well. The following are three destinations to keep in mind in search of that ideal winter getaway.

1. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Wyoming
Starting strong we find ourselves at Jackson Hole, a rustic area with wildlife and dude-ranches, nothing says American winter like the great north-west. Jackson finds itself covered in more snow, generally speaking, than any place you may find in Colorado, but the high snowfall mixed with the dangerous mountain paths tend to keep even some of the most experienced skiers on their toes. Not for the faint of heart a trip to Jackson is worth the boasting you will be doing if you come out unharmed. Travel has risen in the past few years so much that there are now 13 cities that offer a direct flight into the heart of this wilderness destination, this combined with new eateries and bars popping up are all helping to to make Jackson Hole your next getaway.

Three United States Ski DestinationsPhoto courtesy | John Johnston

2. Stowe Mountain Resort, Vermont
Our next destination finds us at the east coast this time. If Jackson is your travel to a simpler time and a bit more challenging of a trip, Stowe finds itself on a bit more of the progressive side of our history. Stowe is the first, an so far only, ski resort in the United States that s certified as an Audubon International Sustainable Community. But, what is that? Essentially the program encourages communities to make an effort in sustainable living, for Stowe that means hydropower, composting food, and a snow-making lake that uses storm runoff. Now this just scratches the surface for Stowe, a European style village, close proximity to New York and the Tri-State Area, and varied slopes all help sell Stowe as a potential retreat.

Three United States Ski DestinationsPhoto courtesy | Charlie

3. Deer Valley Resort, Utah
Last but not least, our search for some of the best places to ski in the US takes us to Deer Valley. A destination that needs no introduction to the average skier Deer Valley is hands down one of the best resorts in not only America, but also the world. High class and fine dining, Deer Valley will pamper you, take care of you, make you feel as though you are on top of the world. While it was the destination of the 2002 winter Olympics, the venue stands strong as a place any skier will want to visit before they die.

Three United States Ski DestinationsPhoto courtesy | Mike Reid

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By: Devin Hartmann | Published on May 2, 2016

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