Warped Tour Profile: Emarosa
By Mike O’Keefe | Published on July 15, 2016
Warped Tour Profile: Emarosa

A post-hardcore band from Kentucky founded in 2006, Emarosa‘s Chris Roetter and Jordan Stewart have a deep-rooted love for music. Their debut 2007 record ‘This Is Your Way Out‘ was followed by four albums and an EP including their latest full-length release ‘131‘ earlier this month. The band sat with us at Warped Tour‘s Nikon at Jones Beach Theater stop.

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Mike O’Keefe: I wanted to start off the conversation with your hometown. Did you guys all grow up in Kentucky?

Emarosa: This is Jordan with Emarosa, I play keys. I’m based in Kentucky as well as our guitarist ER. We formed the band and both grew up in Lexington, Kentucky. That’s where we were both born, but as far as the rest of the band now, we’re kind of composed of people from all over. Matt, who’s with us, he’s from Pennsylvania. We just came from Camden, so closest to his hometown.

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MO: Nice, I saw that stop. How was that show and being near Philadelphia?

Emarosa: It was amazing. Our album came out yesterday, so we brought a full choir on stage with us for a song. It was a great day. Then, we took an Uber over to South Philly and get a bite to eat after the show. Great city.

MO: Awesome, Warped Tour is a great opportunity for bands to connect with fans.

Emarosa: Yeah, it was nice. But yeah, all the original members are from Kentucky, but since then it’s all kind of changed.

MO: Was being involved in music something you guys always wanted to do or was it an evolutionary process over time?

Emarosa: It just happened for me. When it happened, it happened. It was kind of blind and after that it was all I wanted to do. It probably didn’t happen until I was, 14 or 15. I thought it was pretty clear.

MO: Cool. It’s nice when it just falls into place.

Emarosa: For me, I started going to shows really young. My uncle took me to my first concert when I was really young, and ever since I started going to local shows. I wanted to start playing guitar and wanted to be in a band. I just kind of always knew that that’s where my heart was. I wanted to travel and meet people, something more than just have a normal day job.

MO: Absolutely, I can understand that. Living it up while you can.

Emarosa: Right, yeah! Trying to make the most of it while we’re young.

MO: Now, out of all the places you have been on tour so far, which cities stand out as far as crowd atmosphere.

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Emarosa: I feel like Atlanta’s always got a really good vibe for us. Texas always does. Oh, yeah for sure. Toronto was one of the first cities we heard kids singing back from the verses.

MO: That’s awesome. Must be a crazy feeling experiencing that the first time.

Emarosa: That was definitely cool, definitely nice.

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MO: Thanks again guys for speaking with us today on the converted man stage/press room at Nikon at Jones Beach Theater. To wrap it up, what are three destinations you have not been to, but need to see?

Emarosa: Japan, Japan, Japan! Yeah, Japan and the pyramids. I would say Thailand is definitely one. I really want to go to New Zealand, as well.

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By: Mike O’Keefe | Published on July 15, 2016

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