Warped Tour Profile: The Maine
By Mike O’Keefe | Published on July 20, 2016
Warped Tour Profile: The Maine

Formed in Arizona in 2007, The Maine is comprised of John O’Callaghan (singer), Kennedy Brock (guitarist), Jared Monaco (guitarist), Garrett Nickelsen (bassist), and Pat Kirch (drummer). Fast forward to present day, after a slew of critically-acclaimed albums, and the band is still going strong. We caught them this time around backstage at Vans Warped Tour to check in on their travel on tour, as well as any upcoming music.

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Mike O’Keefe: Where are you guys from? What would you suggest a first-time visitor to see in your hometown?

The Maine: We are from Phoenix, Arizona. This time of year it’s blistering hot, we are really happy to be here I think, it’s not super gross [out today]. I guess as a first-time visitor, there’s a place called Castles N’ Coasters, they’ve got some good arcade downtown. They’ve got some castles, they’ve got some coasters. They’ve got skee ball, they’ve got video games, they’ve got the basketball game where you shoot it in the hoop. They’ve also got some old school pinball, they’ve got some golf.

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MO: Hell Yeah. So far on the tour has there been any stops that have stood out to you guys in terms of crowd atmosphere?

TM: Yes, Atlanta was awesome! Last time we played Warped, it rained that day and everyone left before we got to play. So, this year we got a good spot, it didn’t rain and it ruled. It was awesome. The highlight of the tour. But, I think today is going to top it. We’ll see. Stick around, more on that later.

MO: Hell yeah. How does music and travel fit together?

TM: I mean for tour it’s literally the only way that it works, right. So, I think for us, when we started the band we didn’t realize we were going to be able to. I didn’t even know you could go outside the country and play shows, like that was a thing, but now that we’ve been doing it for so long, I think the international side has kind of been the part that’s blown our minds. Getting to see so many different places, all the way to East Asia and stuff. It’s really cool for us to see things that we would never be able to really see, and do things that we would normally not be able to do.


MO: Fantastic! You always need a good soundtrack for your trips, so that’s awesome.

TM: That’s very true. You know, you get a good playlist before the tour goes and you usually tear that thing apart. Got to have those tunes. Airplanes suck without tunes man.

MO: Yeah, they do suck without that. Especially when you get crying children too. Out of all the places you can go in the world, what are three destinations you would like to hit that you haven’t yet been to yet?

TM: For performing, probably Japan. We talk about this all the time and we just haven’t been able to do it yet. For pleasure, South Africa would be cool. I hear it’s cool there, I would like to go to Iceland. Maybe we will plan a trip later.

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MO: They have those hot springs and everything.

TM: Is that where the monkeys hang out? In the hot springs. Have you seen that? Maybe I’m making that up. I don’t know I have been known to lie. I don’t know. Either way, that’s where we want to go.

MO: Fantastic. So what’s next for you guys? What can we look forward to after this whole thing wraps up?

TM: We are just going to finish out Warped Tour. Then we are going to make another record. We will travel some more. We are going to travel to make a record. We’ll see.

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By: Mike O’Keefe | Published on July 20, 2016

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